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Baku Old City 

Baku one of most beautifull cities in the world. Everybody in Caucasus and Central Asia know about famous Baku Old City and Baku nights. Mysterious Maiden Tower, full of history in each step Shirvanshahs Palace and spellbinding Cervanserai you can see only here, in capital of Azerbaijan, Baku city


Zorroastrian Fire Temple Ateshgah 

Ateshgah — is a very special place full of mystery. It bears the evidences of worship to Zoroaster. Here in these walls ancient monotheistic religion started to develop. This great temple is located on unique territory. Hindu community who inhabited Baku created a great monument devoted to their God.


Rock Art Museum Gobustan

“Gobustan” — Rock drawings, person parking, gravestone monuments, are concentrated there. Nearby is “Gaval Chalan” — original stone- tambourine, representing flat wise established huge plate. It is possible to hear rhythmic accurate motives by knocking on it. It is considered that these sounds accompanied ritual dances and ceremonies.


Burning mountain Yanardagh

Yanardagh is located near Baku so having your excursion there use an opportunity to visit Yanar Dag. Long ago this peninsula was a center of Zoroastrianism religion. The flames of this rock could rise above on 10 feet. People call this peninsula “land of fire”. This fire rock impresses more when sun goes down.


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